November 12-14, 2016

Fuzhou stands out as the only Chinese city that stands in the crossroads between the “One Belt One Road” initiative and the Fujian Free-Trade Zone (FTZ) (backed by the Chinese central government). This allows Fuzhou to stand out an attractive portal for global trade, particularly with the countries across Australasia/ASEAN.

The Fujian provincial government has taken an active role in promoting the benefits of free trade overseas. One of the initiatives that this government has expressed strong interest in is to establish a world-class trade show in Fuzhou City, where it has commissioned the Linca Group to stage such a conference with CoAssets to be held in November 2016.

Given the unique characteristics that Fuzhou and Fujian offer, the theme of this year’s trade show is entitled “One Belt One Road, Infinite Opportunities”. The objective is to establish the importance that Fuzhou will play in global trade through the strategic trade belt across central Asia, and that EPIC China will be “the defining moment to achieve that breakthrough”.

There will be a wide variety of businesses from across Australasia/ASEAN and delegates can get to network, and speak to a targeted audience of more than 2,000 professionals, business leaders and executives.

At the same time, the event will also be an opportunity for businesses to closely examine the potential of establishing a more permanent business presence in Fuzhou in order to enjoy the FTZ benefits that it offers. To enable this, Linca Group has offered several incentives that are aimed at enticing these businesses to set up shop through Linca’s township project in Fuzhou.

Who Should Attend?


who want to understand more on the crowdfunding industry.


Financial institution, investors, and funders looking for (business) opportunities.


Looking for funding and to reach out to the Singapore market.

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