About Us

CoAssets Pte Ltd, wholly owned by CoAssets Limited (referred to as CoAssets) a listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: CA8), is Singapore’s and pan Asia-Pacific region’s largest digitally enabled investor platform, offering a wide range of opportunities across different industries.

Clients of CoAssets comprise of entry-level retail investors to high-net-worth individuals and institutions wanting to grow shareholder value through prudent capital enhancement. To date, CoAssets has raised more than S$100 million and funded projects in more than 10 countries globally.

Founded in Singapore since July 2013, CoAssets has more than 574,000 registered clients and users, and a regional presence with outbound offices in Australia, China and Hong Kong. The company is headed by co-founders Getty Goh and Dr Seh Huan Kiat, with the strategic intent of enabling prudent investments through clever financial technology accessible to investors of diverse capital base tranches. Through the use of cutting-edge technology-based solutions, clients are able to harness the best of what regional financial markets have to offer and be part of an innovative consumer journey available only at CoAssets.

CoAssets’ slate of accolades include Gold Winner of 2014 OPP Awards for Best Innovation, Top 100 Winner for the 2014 Red Herring Asia, finalist for MAS Fintech Awards 2016, and a nominee for Singapore HRM Awards 2017 as Best SME Employer of the Year.

Company Structure
Year of Disbursement Rate of Return Non-performing Loan Rates
Lowest and highest rates (per annum) Weighted average (per annum) Loans which are past 30 days but less than 90 days Loans which are past 90 days
2016 7% - 20% 10.87% 0% 26.32%
2017 8% - 10% 8.04% 0% 2.2%
2018 9% - 10% 9.91% 0% 0%


The above is based on performance for each of the past 3 calendar years. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Type of Rates Computation
Rate of Return Interest payments ÷ Loan Amount
Weighted average rate of return Aggregated interest payments ÷ Aggregated loan amount disbursed
Non-Performing Loan Rates Payments that are at least 30 days past due ÷ Total Outstanding Amount Due
Company History
2013-7-20 - CoAssets platform officially launched;

2013-9-15 - Get investment from Expara (Singapore Government Incubator Fund)
2014-1-16 - CoAssets (Trust Fund) received the Singapore Media Development Authority funding support;

2014-7-18 - Hosted the first Expo for Property, Investment and Crowdfunding (EPIC) in Singapore;

2014-8-30 - Won the title of Red Herring 2014 Asia's top 100 companies;

2014-11-28 - Won the 2014 London OPP Best Creative Award;
2015-7-8 - CoAssets listed on Australia Stock Exchange B (NSX);

2015-7-9 - The Australian branch was established;

2015-7-10 - The second EPIC was held in Singapore;

2015-9-26 - CoAssets published the book "Crowdfunding Wisdom"(written by Mr. Getty Goh);

2015-10-2 - Indonesia branch; and with Indonesia's largest bank Mandiri and Indonesia's East Java government signed a strategic cooperation agreement;

2015-10-24 - Held EPIC in Malaysia;

2015-11-19 - China branch established;

2015-12-7 - Held EPIC in Surabaya, Indonesia;
2016-9-5 - CoAssets listed on Australia Stock Exchange A (ASX:CA8);

2016-11-12 - Held EPIC in Fuzhou, China;

2016-11-18 - CoAssets shortlisted in Singapore Fintech Award;

2016-12-1 - CoAssets joined China Internet Association;

2016-12-10 - HRM Awards Finalist;
The Team
Getty Goh
Executive Director, CEO

Mr Goh is the Chief Executive Officer and co‐founder of CoAssets Pte Ltd. He holds both a Bachelor in Building Science and a Masters of Real Estate from National University of Singapore. Before founding CoAssets Pte Ltd, Mr Goh founded Ascendant Assets Pte Ltd in 2008, a real estate research firm providing research and reports to Singapore realtors and property portals. Mr Goh has published three books on real estate investments and regularly shares his views with both local and international media such as Channel News Asia, and the Wall Street Journal. Mr Goh resides in Singapore.

Dr Seh Huan Kiat
Executive Director, CTO

Dr Seh is a co‐founder of CoAssets Pte Ltd. He holds a Bachelors degree from Imperial College London and a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before working in CoAssets, he worked at Intel for six years, managing suppliers in Japan and Taiwan. During that time he deployed and managed supplier data portals for rapid manufacturing data exchanges and real‐time reporting.  Dr Seh is in charge of product and IT architecture design. Dr Seh resides in Singapore.  

David Garry
Independent Director

Mr David Garry is an experienced company director and is the principal of David Garry and Associates a well- established Corporate registration and compliance consultancy. David is a Fellow of the Institute of Directors, a fellow of the institute of corporate governance and a fellow of the institute of public accountants and has held significant directorship roles across a number of industries both at public and private levels with an emphasis in the finance sector.

Chen Chik Ong, Nicholas
Independent Director

Mr Ong was a Principal Adviser at the Australian Securities Exchange in Perth and brings ten years’ experience in listing rules compliance and corporate governance. He was an active member of the ASX JORC Group and has overseen the admission of over 100 companies to the official list of the ASX. Mr Ong is a member of the Governance Institute of Australia and holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Western Australia. Mr Ong resides in Western Australia.

Dr Jeffrey Chi
Independent Director
Chairman of the Singapore Venture Capital Association

Dr. Chi is a Managing Director of Vickers Venture Partners, and a member of its Investment Committee and is currently Chairman of the Singapore Venture Capital & Private Equity Association. Dr. Chi also sits on the Engineering & Technology Management Departmental Consultative Committee at the National University of Singapore. Dr. Chi is a Chartered Financial Analyst holder, and graduated from Cambridge University with 1st Class Honours in Engineering. He earned his PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Organizational Knowledge and Information Technology. His experience spans a variety of industries including information technology, healthcare, and media.

Our Hiring Philosophy
1. CoAssets may be a young startup, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with plenty of heart, creativity, and agility.
Date: 2017-05-31

2. The New Game Changers of the Hiring Philosophy
Date: 2016

What our team says
Lim Hui Ming
Assistant Director, Investor Relations

"I have been with CoAssets since the very beginning. I have personally witnessed for myself how we morphed from a two-man start up to what we are today. The growing years were tough but looking back now, I realized the saying is true – tough times don't last, tough people do. It is only through sticky situations that you truly grow as an individual. The industry CoAssets is in is very dynamic. We deal with changes everyday and that has honed my skills in learning how to be adaptable. I have to say, the past few years have been truly amazing and I am very grateful to be a part of the CoAssets family."

Eugene Ong
Senior Sales Manager

"With over 4 years of experience in wealth and relationship management, I decided to get out of my comfort zone in 2016 and come abroad CoAssets. In my time with CoAssets, it has been a very rewarding journey for me. CoAssets has provided me with a learning environment that is challenging and engaging. I was given the chance to gain overseas exposure to benefit me in my personal growth. The best part of my job is to have the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life."


Available positions in CoAssets:

User Engagement Executive

Full Stack Software Developer

How to Apply:

Interested applicants may apply by sending a copy of your updated resume to Carol Chee at [email protected]. We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

Should you have any enquiries, please email us at [email protected] or call us at +65 6532 7008.

“It offers me a new way to invest securely .”

Eric Chan, Investor of CoAssets

“Just a few simple steps to invest! Very user friendly.”

Fun Chung Seh , Investor of CoAssets

“I invested in CoAssets because of her credible management team.”

Lee Sung Cheng, Investor of CoAssets

“Eugene is my contact at CoAssets and I like how he introduces the concept of crowdfunding and products that CoAssets have on the platform. ”

Krishna S, Investor of CoAssets

“ CoAssets gives constant updates on the macro market to investors and we get exclusive invites to events as well. From there, we have greater confidence of what CoAssets is going to do, and how it can help investors like us. The biggest takeaway for me as a shareholder is that I feel very happy that my investment is going to enhance and going to the next peak. We are very pleased with the management team, because I followed them from Buy Right Property (BRP) course, so I find that it is a team of people that have a commitment and motivation to work for the company. That’s why I trust to work with CoAssets. ”

Mr & Mrs R Tay, Investors of CoAssets

“ I think the people in CoAssets have been very helpful. They are very prompt when you ask them questions and they will get back to you. For that, it gives me the kind of confidence that CoAssets is really trustworthy. They do not move away from problem, they answer your problem. ”

Tan P H, Investor of CoAssets

“ Was introduced to CoAssets recently and it have been a great experience for me! Informative, great services by the management team. ”

Y H Wong, Investors of CoAssets

“ Was introduced to CoAssets by my friend and the experience was great! Love the easy-to-use platform. :) ”

Eugene T, Investor of CoAssets

“ Love the CoAssets platform.....and the ease of use. ”

Justin C, Investors of CoAssets

“ Every investors is tagged to a user engagement officer and the user engagement officer is just one whatsapp/call away. I find that CoAssets is more conservative as compared to other P2P lending platform, which is a good thing as they perform one round of due diligence before accepting the project and passing the risk to the investors. However, projects are slightly limited. There's about about 3-4 project launched every quarter ever since I came onboard. ”

J H Soo, Investor of CoAssets

“ I heard about CoAssets from my friend, Eugene who is working inside. They are expanding and I am sure they can continue to grow their wealth for their investors. Cheers😊👏👏👏 ”

ES Luxe, Investors of CoAssets

“ Got to know about CoAssets a couple of years back from a friend, and has been with them since. Great projects, and thanks Eugene for keeping me updated! :) ”

Elaine Tham, Investor of CoAssets

“ Concerns regarding projects were responded immediately by user engagement managers and this gave me confidence to invest with CoAssets long term. ”

Han S Y, Investors of CoAssets

“ Every investor is tagged to a user engagement officer. They are pretty friendly and they know their stuff. So far every question I have asked, financial or otherwise, have been handled well. Engaging with them is an easy process as they provide you with their contact number. They are a large P2P lending site with more credibility. You can have a look @ their financial statements as they are listed on the ASX. Pretty interesting financial products available other than the standard invoice financing and business term loans. However, project is slightly limited. There's very few projects available to invest in. ”

Brandon L, Investor of CoAssets