Campaign Ended

Thank you for investing with CA Tokens.

Hi Funders,

Thank you for trying out crowdfunding using CoAssets Tokens! We hope that it was a rewarding experience for you to kickstart your crowdfunding journey.

All you have to do now is to sit tight and wait for your returns. Meanwhile, you can check your investment by logging in to view your investment dashboard here.

Throughout the campaign, some of you have asked us some questions, here are some FAQs we compiled:

1. What if the project is oversubscribed?
Investors are able to crowdfund each CoAssets Token (CAT) project up to a maximum limit of 150% of the funding request, this funding limit also applies to actual crowdfunding projects on the CoAssets platform. The project will be deemed “oversubscribed” if the funding request is between 100% to 150%. Beyond 150%, Investors will receive a pop up notification stating that the project is no longer available for subscription.

2. What if the project is not funded?
If the CAT project does not reach the funding threshold - 80% of the funding request, the crowdfunding project will be deemed “unsuccessful” and the CoAssets Tokens will be credited back into investor’s accounts. The tokens will still be valid for reinvestment into available CAT projects. This simulates actual crowdfunding projects on CoAssets, in the case that funding thresholds are not met and projects are unsuccessful, investors funds will automatically be credited back into their accounts with zero fees charged.

3. What happens after the project is funded?
Once a CAT project reaches the maturity date, the returns ($ terms) of the project will automatically be reflected into your investor dashboard within 1 working day. Investor’s can choose to reinvest these returns into other crowdfunding projects or simply click the “withdraw” button on their investors dashboard. CoAssets will then process the funds disbursement within 3 working days to their chosen bank account. This withdrawal process is the same for actual crowdfunding projects on CoAssets.

4. If a CAT project is unsuccessful, can I withdraw my CoAssets Tokens?
CoAssets tokens are for users to experience the crowdfunding journey. As such, the tokens CANNOT be withdrawn and once used (in successfully crowdfunded project) it will expire. However, the returns from the tokens itself can be withdrawn at the end of the tenure if the project is successfully crowdfunded.

5. How long must I wait before I can withdraw the returns?
Investors can withdraw returns upon the CAT project maturity date. CAT projects typically have 1 month durations, however these can stretch up to 12 months depending on the CAT project offer.

While waiting for our next CAT project campaign, You can get more CAT by referring someone to be a CoAssets member here.

If you have feedback, please email us at [email protected]

If you are interested for more, view our projects at

Best Regards,
CoAssets Team